Anyone can do what we do, the only difference is How we do it.
That’s what makes us, aptLogiX !

Respect, Care and Commitment

Foundations of a business begins by building trust, we not only had to earn the trust of our clients, but had to put equal efforts to build the same level of trust with our distributors and manufacturers. As a business our goal was not only focused in growing revenue and margins, but also to help create a positive culture for the company.

At aptLogiX, we truly embrace the word “Value” in the Value-Added Reseller. We work with a passion to help and align to customer needs. Clients can experience nimbleness with us which in turn helps them in making quick decisions while our services offer profoundness. We focus on long term sustainable solutions.


Who are We?

Over 50 Years of Combined IT Industry Experience

Multi Vendor Approach

Global Delivery Capability

Minority Owned business



We believe there are three key ingredients for success


aptLogiX Commits to Stay Open, Honest and Straightforward About Our Process & Procedures


We Are Here to Serve Together as a Team and in Order to do so We Must Align Ourselves and Be Responsible.


We Tailor Our Solutions and Service to Cater Each and Every Customer’s Specific Needs.

Vision Statement

To become a Trusted Advisor for our customers by delivering tailor made solutions and services through dedicated support and understanding.

Mission Statement

aptLogiX mission is to be a Reliable Partner for our customers and vendors. Our goal is to continually provide scalable technology solutions with utmost efficiency and complete transparency.


Everyone that interacts with the aptLogiX banner will experience Respect,Care,